Sunday, July 22, 2018

MCM Sale Report 2018

Well, this year's sale was different.

My extremely beloved guinea pig stopped eating the day before the sale.

On the day of the sale, I got up and held her for three hours and coaxed her to eat and/ or drink.

After I left for the sale, my mom took her to the vet, put her to sleep, and put her things away.

I realize this is not the way most people would deal with the death of a beloved pet, but by the time I came home I mostly felt as though it had already happened a long time ago. It really helped me.

I keep thinking I need to feed her/ check on her/ cuddle her, though.

But that's not what you want  to read about! Here is my sale report!


MCM had a new, more staggered admissions process this year. It worked pretty well. There was a 20 minute delay in getting into the warehouse, but it was not so crowded while lining up or in the warehouse.

I was able to circle the warehouse three times, making sure I didn't miss anything.

Although MCM got a record number of donations this year, they had less dolls or less variety of dolls. This was somewhat clear from the price list.

I did not buy any dolls. I was interested in getting Nanea, Z, or JLY 75.
I was also interested in seeing any returned CYOs, but there were none.

None of these were available. I decided not to buy a doll just for the sake of buying a doll.

I own a lot of dolls already!

Here are some pictures of the silent auction items:

And here are some pictures of the vendors:

And here are some pictures inside the warehouse!

I was sad not to get a doll this year, but I do own a lot of dolls already.

I am not mad at MCM. They cannot control what is donated to them. They did a great job of handling admissions.

I used the shuttle parking at the ice arena and was happy not to have to fight for a parking space.

I was able to meet some Internet friends, Aloraal and Georgie from American Girl Collectors. It was really great to meet them.

You can read Georgie's blog Northbound Dolls, and you can read her account of the sale here.

Aloraal was making some video of the event, and I will add the link when I find it.

I did get a few things. I got Melody's bed, several minis, some T-shirts, Maryellen's crinoline and two pairs of pajamas.
I posted some pictures of my purchases here.

As always, I did not go on Sunday because I'd have to take off work. I got everything I wanted on Saturday.

Apparently, AG donated so many items this year that they requested that some be held back for sales for the next three years. I wish they had allowed more 18 inch dolls to be sold, but I am glad that there will be an MCM sale for the next three years.


  1. It was wonderful meeting you! :)

    1. And it was great to meet you! I really enjoyed it!

  2. I’m so sorry about your pet. I’m glad that the sale is guaranteed for at least three more years too! I missed it this year for a combination of reasons but hopefully will go next year. Funny enough Z and 75 would be on my list too. I’m also curious to see if CYO returns will appear. I’ve got a wild theory that they’re holding them back until the line is more established.

    1. That might be why some of the dolls that were donated are not allowed to be sold yet.


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