Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Karate Uniform for Dolls

My mom's friend bought two naked Madame Alexander dolls at a thrift store for her granddaughters, and asked me to sew some clothes for them, reflecting their different interests.

One of the outfits I made was a karate uniform.

Mara is my model here. I didn't tie the belt very tightly so it wouldn't wrinkle.

I didn't want to buy a pattern, and I managed to make the uniform from patterns that I already owned.

The granddaughter in question is an orange belt.

I used an orange ribbon for that, easy.

The top of the karate uniform is made from Thimbles and Acorns' Minoan Wrap Skirt and Blouse pattern. All I did was length the sleeves.

I have made this pattern before, to be Minoan rather than modern, ha.
You can see that sewing project here on my blog.

I made the pants from the QT Pie Painter Pants. I did simplify the pattern so that the front and back of the pants were one piece each.

You can see where I sewed this pattern before here on my blog.

Anyway, I was pleased to not have to buy a pattern, and I hope that this will make a little girl happy on Christmas.

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