Sunday, March 21, 2021

American Girl Mini Mystery Pack: Snacks

 American Girl is getting into the blind bags by offering these blind bag food packs. YOu can find them on the website here.

They were listed on the website with a release date of March 31st, so I was surprised to find mine on the doorstep yesterday.

They are $8, so perfect to buy if you have a $10 reward; you don't have to pay for tax or shipping or anything!

I tried feeling the bag to see if I could guess which one I got, and I actually guessed correctly!

I was happy to get the hamburger and the chocolate milkshake. It's one of the ones that I wanted. 

In real life, I am not much of a chocolate fan, though. I'd rather have a strawberry milkshake.

I don't have a lot of AG food, as it is often included in more expensive sets. So I didn't worry about getting duplicates of anything that I already owned. If I had duplicates, two dolls could share a meal together, anyway!

I would also like to get the set with the berries and the smoothie, and the turkey sandwich. I think that the maple syrup bottle is really cute as well, but since it's a rarer set, I don't expect to find it.

The sets that I like least is the one with the tropical drink and the mango, and the sushi.

The plate that the hamburger is on is new to me as well! I found three of these tiny plates at Goodwill, which were next to a full-sized set of human plates. Mu guess is that these are spoon rests, maybe.

Anyway, I was thrilled to find some AG sized plates that they are just like real ones! 

The timing was good too, since I now have food to display on them.

I will likely try my luck again with the blind bags in the future. I was very happy with this purchase!

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