Sunday, March 28, 2021

Tiana Disney Bound

 I didn't think I would have time to sew doll clothes this weekend.

I had to sew a purse to be auctioned to benefit the Art History and Archaeology Department at my alma mater, and I had to clean house.

I did actually end up sewing this one doll dress.

Lately I have been doing about two dresses per weekend, so I was pleased to get this one finished on such a busy weekend.

This is a Disney bound for Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

I had this green fabric for a while, and could not imagine what I would use it for.

It occurred to me, as I was making these Disney bound outfits, that this would be perfect fabric for a princess who turned into a frog!

So this dress is loosely based on Tiana's green ball gown, but also on frogs.

Frogs and water lilies would be good accessories. I LOVE water lilies.

I think this dress turned out very pretty, considering that I didn't know what I would ever use the fabric for.

Meritaten is my model for Tiana. Meritaten is a Cecile doll that has been customized with brown eyes.

I have put a lot of the dolls away for the moment, because I am expecting a guest.

So  I haven't made an updated group picture, but one of Meritaten as Tiana and Joss as Belle.

They look cute together!

I wish I had doll shoes that would better complete their Disney bound looks.

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