Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Moana Disney Bound

 I am really pleased with this Disney bound of Moana!

Like my Disney bounds for Belle and Ariel, this dress is made from Simplicity 8072.

I used a bodice that is patterned in diamonds in coral and yellow.

The top and the skirt of the dress are made from a tan fabric with a very subtle pattern on it.

The bodice has one teal button to stand in for the heart of Te Fiti.

I put sandals on her feet. The color doesn't quit match, but it kind of works.

I now have Disney bounds for two of my favorite princesses! I love Belle and Moana.

My other favorite princess is Merida, but she's going to be hard to make a bound for, I think.

I do know who I want to model a Merida bound in my collection. It's going to be Aurélie, who has red hair and blue eyes.

So far, all of the Disney bounding dresses have been made with fabric that I already had in my house. I am really being creative!  It's so fun!

I think for Merida, I may have to cave and buy fabric. But she's worth it.

In the meantime, I am continuing to make more Disney bounding dresses with fabric I have on hand!

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