Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Ruby Red Siblies Sydney

 I bought Ruby Red Siblies doll Sydney.

I have been looking at the Ruby Red Fashion dolls for a while now, but they are so expensive!

At half the price, the Siblies are easier to justify.

Hanna  is my favorite Ruby Red Fashion friend, so I got Sydney.

I am definitely going to change her name. 

I have a great-uncle Sidney who fought in WWII, so I don't really like it as a girl's name.

The doll is posed in the box to show off her joint, but it looks very uncomfortable to me.

The Siblies are twelve inches tall. However their heads are bigger than Barbies, and their bodies are sturdier.

They may be only half an inch taller, but they feel like a bigger doll than Barbie.

I took her outside to show off her posing!

This may look like a simple pose, but it's so lifelike.

She can wave!
She can sit!
She can party! (and stand!)
She can look!

Okay, you get the idea. The Siblies can do a lot of posing!
They don't have wrist or ankle joints.
The one drawback in posing is that the knees do not stay fully bent unless you hold them down.

They are really pretty dolls, and I like the clothes they come in.

I think that they are easier to play with and more affordable than BJDs, and much more poseable than AG dolls.

I really like the Siblies!


  1. I need Kelsey now, LOL. These are adorable!

    1. They really are! I want Kelsey and Callie.

  2. I've never heard of these dolls before, but she is so cute.


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