Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Formal Festive Outfit

 I really liked the Formal Festive Outfit when it arrived, and I meant to buy it directly from AG.

However, I put it off too long, and was sad to see it had been taken off the website.

I was so lucky to find it at the Mattel Toy Store!

I just thought it had a lot of potential, and not just for boy dolls.

Ellie got to wear it first, but she and Mara will be sharing it, and other girls might get a turn too.

The bow tie is a separate piece. I like the plaid they used, it looks very classic.

The suspenders button to the pants in the front. They are sewn on in the back. This limits the mix and match potential of the pants, unless you tucked the suspenders inside. On the other hand, this makes it hard to lose them.

The shoes are okay. I have definitely seen worse shoes from AG, and I have seen better shoes. I am annoyed by shoes that have the soles stick out beyond the side of the shoes, like these do. Maryellen's saddle shoes do this as well. The shoes do have mix and match potential.

This could also be used as a music recital outfit.

I am really happy to have this outfit, and Ellie and Mara are too!

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