Monday, June 21, 2021

Logan's Performance Outfit

 I wasn't interested in Logan's performance outfit when it was first released.

I didn't like that AG had used Kaya's sculpt for a boy doll, and I really didn't like Logan's character.

When I recently bought Logan's performance outfit, it was because I decided that it had good mix and match potential, especially for my two dolls who don't wear dresses, Ellie and Mara.

Really, the whole outfit has good mix and match potential. Nice boots, nice jeans, grey T-shirt without any graphics AND it has long sleeves, leather jacket.

The outfit as a whole looks really good on Mara! She looks cool! Better than Logan, haha.

My only complaint about the outfit is that the jacket feels very plastic-y. I am hoping that this means it will not fall apart after a few years like Molly's aviator jacket.

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