Friday, June 25, 2021

Kaya Love

 I just love Kaya, you guys. She is an exquisitely beautiful doll with such a sweet, thoughtful expression.

This beaver was kind of a weird addition to her collection. I mean, a beaver is not a pet, so it's hard to get a natural looking picture of Kaya with the beaver, I think.

It's also not my favorite AG animal of all time, although I admit I am not a huge fan of the AG animals in general. It just has a weird feeling to its fur. I don't have sensory issues, but I would think this would bother someone who has them. Since I sew, I just pay a lot of attention to how materials feel in your hand. I think it's part of das Ding an sich, and I apologize for dragging Kant into a doll blog.

I am happy with this picture of Kaya spaying on the beaver from behind a tree. I think it's a realistic scenario. How else can I work the beaver into a picture? I am thinking about it.

I really love dolls with their dolls. I try to get the dolls belonging to the AG dolls when possible. I still need Clara for Samantha and Amelia Earhart for Kit.

However, Kaya has her doll now, and they are so cute together! Such a pretty picture.

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