Tuesday, April 18, 2017

AG Trading Cards: Felicity Learns a Lesson

This trading card shows the front cover of Felicity Learns a Lesson.

The back of the card says:

"In 1774, parents often taught children at home because there were so few schools. The Bible was sometimes used for reading lessons. Quill pens were made from feathers, and ink was made from colored powder and water.

Boys and girls did not go to school together. Boys from wealthy families were tutored t home or went to grammar schools.

Girls like Felicity learned different lessons from boys. Girls learned how to run a household, serve tea, do needlework, cook, and plan a garden

There is no trivia question.


  1. I love the trading cards! They're so much fun to look through and good refreshers on the books if it has been awhile since you last read. I wish they'd make them again, or something similar.


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