Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AG Trading Cards: Meet Kirsten

This card shows the front cover of Meet Kirsten.

The back of the card says:
"Kirsten Larson was a nine-year-old immigrant who came to America from Sweden. The Larsons arrived in the summer of 1854 with two big trunks that held everything they owned. Kirsten was glad to get to Minnesota and meet Uncle Olav, Aunt Inger, and her cousins Lisbeth and Anna. Uncle Olav's family shared everything they has with Kirsten's family.

Together, the Larsons worked hard to build a farm on the edge of the frontier. Because the two Larson families lives side by side, they could help each other with all the work. And it meant that Kirsten always had a friend nearby."

There is no trivia question.

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