Friday, April 21, 2017

Felicity's Wardrobe: Spring Gown With Pinner Apron

April 21st is Felicity's birthday! Happy Birthday, Felicity!

For Felicity's birthday, it makes perfect sense to write a post about her spring gown and pinner apron.

This dress came with a lot of components. There is the gown itself, the pinner apron, stockings with daisy embroidery, a ribbon to use as a headband and small straight pins.
Stockings with daisy embroidery

The dress did not come with a mob cap. My understanding is that Felicity should always wear a head covering. This would usually be a mob cap. Only on very fancy occasions would she wear a pinner cap instead.

I have several mob caps that she can wear, but in light of that information, the ribbon for a headband doesn't seem to make sense.

This is a beautiful dress. It is perfect for spring. The colors would appeal to most target aged girls, including me at the time.

I love the ribbon flowers at the sleeves.

Sleeve detail

I have been afraid of making holes in the dress from pinning the apron to the dress. When the dress is stored, I take the pins out. This also prevents the pins from becoming rusty and staining the dress.

Happy Birthday, Felicity!

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