Saturday, April 22, 2017

Anne's Wardobe: Earth Day Outfit

Anne is my historical 1990s doll from circa 1996.

I collected her extensive wardrobe during the second half of the 1990s, from American Girl's early American Girl of Today collections.

Here she is wearing the Earth Day Outfit. And Earth Day is today! She wants to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!

I have all of the components of this outfit, but she is wearing only the tie die shirt and the overalls.

I love the barrette, but it is way too easy to lose.

This outfit was SO on trend for this time. It was very very cool to wear these short overalls. Tie die was also very popular.

I continued to be awed by just how realistic these overalls are.  All the pockets are real pockets, and all the buttons and studs look just like full sized ones.

Here is the full outfit, including shoes:

The shoes do not stay on on their own at all, so I don't take them anywhere.

Here is a close up:

 They have a recycling symbol on the sole. The attention to detail is so great!

And here is the barrette. I think it is made of real leather.

American Girl did an amazing job in creating this outfit, and I still treasure it.


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