Wednesday, October 24, 2018

1918 Girl Scout Handbook for Dolls

Windstar of Jinjia Mixed Goods has outdone herself this time.

She made a pattern to create the original 1918 Girl Scout handbook.

According to her, at this time the requirements for girls were the same as for boys.

The book has printed pages inside that describe the different Girl Scout ranks and the merit badges that girls could earn.

The book is super detailed. It has pictures of the merit badges and more.

I was very glad that I did not have to earn the Morse code badge! It sounds very difficult.

I am SO excited to add this to my collection of doll books!

This book is not currently listed on her etsy shop.

If you wish to purchase the pattern to print and create this mini book, you can message Windstar through her shop on etsy, Jinjia Mixed Goods.

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