Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Eevee/ Flareon Hoodie

Here is another hoodie I made from the Requiem Art Designs Hoodie pattern for 14 inch dolls.

, I am only vaguely aware of Pokemon.

My brother collected Pokemon, and once a younger cousin played Pokemon with me.
I could not hear what he was telling me about the rules and I was trying to let him win anyway.

I was making a hoodie to swap with Nethilia of American Girl Outsider.

I knew she was making Pokemon hoodies, so I thought I would make a Eevee hoodie using the fabric from the fox hoodie. I have always thought of Eevee as the fox Pokemon.

Someone on Facebook told me that Eevee is more brown and white, and this hoodie looks more like Flareon.

I tried, okay?

Whether it's Eevee or Flareon, I think this hoodie is super cute.

It has a tail in the back, too.

I made the white markings around the shoulders go all the way to the back, also.

These three hoodies look super cute together.

I am having so much fun with these hoodies!

Two cute fox-y hoodies.

I highly recommend getting this pattern! It is so fun!

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