Monday, October 8, 2018

Panda hoodie

This is the sixth hoodie that I have made from the Requiem Art Designs hoodie pattern.

It's a panda!

 Hearts for Hearts doll Surjan is my lovely model.

There are a lot of panda themed clothing items out there, but I think this one is super cute.

I want to make hoodies for all of my Hearts for Hearts dolls.

What is next? A polar bear? A pig?

I honestly haven't decided yet.

Some animals just won't translate well as a hoodie- turtles and seals for instance. It would be really hard to make a giraffe with its spots. Ditto Tigger and his stripes.

I have thought of a penguin, but I am not sure it would look good.

What animal would you make as a hoodie?

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