Sunday, October 21, 2018

We are the Girl Scouts

I have been meaning to do a Girl Scout post for some time. Years, actually.

I have two different Junior Girl Scout uniforms that I wanted to compare. 

Then I got some Girl Scout cookies made by Pippaloo, and I really had to make this post!

Anne and Kanani are wearing the Girl Scout uniforms.

Anne is wearing the Girl Scout uniform made by American Girl, back when it was the Pleasant Company.

 I have a great fondness for this uniform. It has lots of pieces and is very authentic.

Back when the Pleasant Company started the Girl of Today line, you could write in and suggest outfits that you wanted to see offered. I wrote that I wanted a Girl Scout uniform!

I never heard back, but as you can see, they made the uniform.

I am probably not the only one who suggested it, and I am sure they had other factors in making the uniform, but it still makes me very happy.

Kanani's uniform is off brand. I believe it was made by Emily Rose doll clothes.

You can see the original post I wrote here.

An identical uniform is for sale here.

Both uniforms have good points. The insignia on Kanani's uniform is much larger, but it is embroidered.

That makes it look more  like real patches.

The insignia on Anne's uniform is printed, but I think it looks more in scale.

The tab on Kanani's shirt in particular looks loo large and a bit awkward to me.
You actually can't see the tab well in these pictures, because it is hidden by her hair.

The worst thing is that the skirt for the Emily Rose brand uniform is too tight, and there is sort of a gap in the back. I can just barely get it to snap closed on Kanani.

The cookies by Pippaloo are gorgeous. The detail is amazing.

I was also amazed at how small they are!

You can easily tell which cookie is which.

Even Tagalongs and Thin Mints are distinguishable. That's amazing when they are both round, brown cookies.

I am so happy with the doll sized Girl Scout items that I own.

This is a really special part of my collection, and there will likely be more posts on the subject in the future.

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