Monday, January 11, 2021

Pattern Review: Flossie Potter Little '50s Swing Coat

 I made the Flossie Potter Little '50s Swing Coat.

This was not the favorite coat that I have made.

I just struggled to understand the directions.

I admit that once I had figured it out, it was very easy to sew, especially around the arms. There aren't inset arms, which makes it much easier.

I also didn't like the finished look of the coat as much as I could.

It just looked clunky and huge to me on the doll in person.

The front of the coat has a small area where the fabric is gathered, by the button, and it makes the fabric on the front look wrinkled to me. I would like it better if the fabric were not gathered there.

I tried putting it on a doll wearing a floofy 1950s dress and a crinoline, and although I didn't get a picture of that, I liked it better on Miranda wearing pants. It made it look more jaunty as opposed to sort of overstuffed.

It is a very easy and fast coat to sew, and I am happy to have another coat for my dolls to wear. 

It's cold outside right now!

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