Saturday, January 9, 2021

Thirteenth Doctor Coat

 Using the Liberty Jane Oxford Square coat pattern, I made a doll sized replica of the Thirteenth Doctor's coat from Doctor Who. 

I altered the pattern a bit. I made the coat longer, wider in the front, and I also made the hood pattern longer on the end so it would meet up with the sides of the coat.

The coat is grey, with a royal blue lining. I used 5/8 inch rainbow ribbon to match the inside lining of the coat.

It has a hood. It does not have any closure such as velcro or buttons.

The pockets do not match the pockets on the full-sized Thirteenth Doctor coat, which are set at more of a slant. This detail bugs me a tiny bit, BUT I feel like the Doctor needs pockets that hold things.

I can change it if I make it again. I made altered pattern pieces and set them aside for future reference.

This picture shows the coat's hood.

This picture shows both Doctor coats together. I suppose I should made the coat for the Eleventh Doctor, since that is included in Simplicity 8111. I need to find appropriate fabric that is scaled small first.

Here's a link to the blog about the Tenth Doctor coat!

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