Monday, January 25, 2021

Liberty Jane Peplum Dress

 This is the second time that I have made the Liberty Jane Peplum Dress.

You can read about the first time here.

I had this fabric, and I thought it would make a really cute Fourth of July dress in this pattern.

Amelia is probably thinking, it's not July now, why do I have to model this dress in the snow?

I should have re-read my blog before making this dress, because I did not add any extra fabric allowance.

I just followed the pattern as it was written.

There was slight problem that the waist band was not long enough, and I had to cut a second one that was about two inches longer.

The skirt length was six inches long, before adding in seams, and I think it came out looking a really good length.

I also think that my sewing skills have improved, and I managed to do a better job on the details at the top of the bodice.

I am really happy with this dress!

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