Thursday, March 30, 2017

Learning to Quilt

I wrote a post about the first doll clothing I ever made, so I thought I would write a post about the first doll quilt I ever made.

Try not to laugh. It's so sad.

I was only eight years old and had never seen a handmade quilt in real life. I was mostly going off of what it said in Kirsten's books about quilting, I think.

Not all the fabric is even cotton fabric. There is velvet and cheap satin in there as well.

Every single stitch I took is visible.

I didn't use batting, and I didn't quilt it. I stuffed it with stuffing, and stitched the backing on.

It's basically a pillow, except it's a quilt.


And the kicker-

I was worried about the edges of the fabric unraveling, so edge fabric edge has been gently treated with nail polish.

I got this idea from my grandmother- she used nail polish for everything in her life except sewing.
It was just logical to me, seeing the way she used nail polish for literally everything else.

This is proof, if there ever was one, that skill to do comes of doing.

I have improved vastly in my quilting since then.
In high school, a lady Grandma knew taught me how to quilt for real. Thanks, Miss Allison!

I have taken other quilting classes as well, but mostly I just practiced, practiced, practiced.

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