Monday, March 6, 2017

Secret Snarker 2017 Part One

It's time for American Girl Collector's Secret Snarker Exchange!

I love this exchange. It inspires me to make something that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I was assigned to make or give a gift to Ludodactylus.

I decided to make gifts for her Kirsten and Samantha. They both needed winter clothing.

First I decided to make a quilt for her Kirsten. That was an easy decision.

I received my Secret Snarker assignment, went out and bought fabric and finished the quilt, all in one day. This includes hand quilting. I hope you are impressed, ha ha, because I am.

I decided to make a simple quilt of squares to mimic Kirsten's official quilt. The Larsons would not have time for a  lot of fancy stitching anyway.

I decided to go with a blue color scheme to match her eyes and the Swedish colors. Also, not all modern dyes would have been available at the time, so not all colors would have been available in fabrics.

I also wanted to make the quilt look scrappy, because the Larsons would not have been able to afford fabric just for a quilt. They would have used what they had on hand.

Laura is modeling the shawl that I made for Kirsten as well.
It is not at all fancy, it's just a triangle cut out of a sweater of mine that fell apart, and then hemmed. Still, it is warm. I am sure Kirsten appreciates warm clothing during those Minnesota winters!

Stay tuned to see the dress I made for Samantha!

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