Sunday, March 12, 2017

Medieval and Renaissance Patterns

Most of my patterns lists are for named characters, but it was suggested that I do a list of Renaissance and Medieval patterns, and I am too much of an art history lover not to follow through on this.

I was surprised at how many patterns exist for these periods!

Medieval Patterns:

Carpatina Medieval Wedding Dress

Fashioned by Rebecca Regal Maiden

Jinjia Mixed Goods FREE Fantasy Adventure Dress and Accessories

Melody Valerie Couture Ivy Cape

Lee and Pearl Medieval Lady's Wardrobe

Mother of Nine Circular Cape

Read Creations Medieval Cape

Read Creations Medieval Dress

Renaissance Patterns:

Carpatina Tudor Style Tunic

Lee and Pearl Pirates Patriots and Princes (with a little tweaking)

Read Creations 3-Looks-in-One Tudor Ensemble

Read Creations Tudor Jewelry

Swish and Swirl Catherine Howard Gown

Thimbles and Acorns Hampton Court Gown

Thimbles and Acorns Side Laced Kirtle

Wren*Feathers Princess Costumes Patterns (includes a Renaissance dress)

There is also Simplicity Pattern 1134.

Simplicity 1392 might be usable as well.


  1. Love this! I need to learn how to sew pronto since my ASoIaF girls wardrobe is minuscule. Thank you for compiling these.


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