Monday, March 20, 2017

Pattern Review: Thimbles and Acorns Prairie Rose

Thimbles and Acorns patterns cost a  little more than some pattern designers.

I think that they are truly worth the price tag. They are extremely well written and researched.
This pattern company is very special.

The  Thimbles and Acorns Prairie Rose pattern is particularly good value. It includes a historical dress design, a modern dress design, an apron pattern, and a pattern for a bonnet. Bang for your buck!

This is part of a series of patterns for Laura Ingalls. I am a huuuuuge Laura Ingalls fan, and this makes me very happy.

 This pattern was actually very easy to make. I had made Heritage Doll Fashion's Samantha's Ice Cream Dress not long ago, and this is actually very similar.

 This dress has a straight yoke instead of a curved one, and it lacks the pleated collar.

Both dresses have a similar gathered bodice. I thought that this was easier to make than Samantha's ice cream dress.

It is surprising to realize that Samantha and Laura actually only lived about 30 years apart. Their worlds are so very different.

Laura actually is a Victorian!
I decided to make a longer skirt and a shorter pleat at the bottom than the pattern called for.

I actually regret using this fabric. It is beautiful, but it is also somewhat busy, and I think it obscures the details of the gathered bodice. I think I would use a simpler fabric next time.

I didn't make the bonnet or apron yet, but they looked very easy to make as well!


  1. As much as you regret the busy fabric, for a girl at that time, the fabric is perfect. I think it is so pretty.


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