Saturday, May 22, 2021

Lottie Doll Canoe Playset Review

I have been eyeing the Lottie doll canoe playset. I really want it for Mia, because Mia is a wildlife photographer, and I like to take pictures of wild birds while I am canoeing.

The price seemed a bit high for me, though. So when I found a playset for a lower price on Amazon because the box was beaten up, I jumped on it.

The box is very pretty, but I am not keeping it.

The playset includes a canoe, two wetsuits, two life jackets, two paddles and two fishing poles.

I could have done without the wetsuits. I don't use them while canoeing and don't plan to use them on the dolls.

I first tried posing Lottie Dolls Wildlife Photographer Mia and Kid Activist Meg in the boat.

It it awesome. It has seats with backs, so the dolls sit up well.
The paddles can either be snapped in place on the side of the boat or they can be held by the doll.

I didn't test to see if it floats on its own, but it wouldn't surprise me.

The life jackets are easy to take on and off. 
I bet that the fishing poles would also snap into place on the side of the boat.

Next I tried it on the American Girl mini dolls.

They can also wear the lifejackets and hold the paddles! I was very impressed!

Then I tried it with the Ai dolls Lawn Daisy and King Protea. 
I didn't get them to hold the paddles, but I was very happy that they could also wear the life jackets.
It didn't matter too much that they can't hold the paddles, since they snap in place. It's very clever.

This is a really fun and versatile set. It can work with many varieties of small dolls.

I am so happy with this!

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