Saturday, May 29, 2021

Replacement Truly Me # 80

 I did ask American Girl to exchange my Just Like You #80 for a doll with the good eyes.

They sent one with three day shipping, which was very nice of them. I am afraid I didn't adequately express gratitude to the customer service representative on the phone, as she was talking very fast and I was struggling to follow along.

To be honest, the only way that I was able to make that call was to wait until my workplace was closed and I made the call on the captioned phone they have for me there.

So they sent me a new doll, and she got here very fast. 

Unfortunately, her eyes are even worse.

Doll #1 on the left, Doll #2 on the right

I think I am going to keep doll #1. She looks good even though she has the bad eyes.

It's just that Aurelie's bad eyes bother me so much. I knew I would forever be mad at myself if I didn't try to get a doll with the good eyes. I bought this doll directly from AG because I thought that she would have the good eyes. I am disappointed. I am not usually someone who kicks up a fuss like this.

Here is a close up of doll #1.  She looks pretty good, but I was disappointed she has the bad eyes with the blindingly white whites of the eye. 

Here is doll #2. She has visibly crooked eyes, and you can see here eye posts.

I am disappointed in this transaction from AG, and that they are still making these dolls with the bad eyes.

At least they both have good teeth. Several people have gotten dolls lately with teeth that are off center or the teeth do not reach the bottom lip. I think overall, the eyes are more important to me than the teeth. The eyes really make a different for me in bonding with a doll.

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  1. Poor Doll #2. If she's bad enough that I can see it then she's bad indeed. I'm sorry you're having such lousy luck, especially with such a pretty doll! #80 is a catch when her eyes and teeth are nice.


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