Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Thrift Store Find: Mattel Felicity

 I have been very lucky at the thrift store lately.

I heard that thrift stores are getting a lot of donations as people are cleaning their houses, having been stuck inside them so long.

Be that as it may, this weekend I found a Felicity at the thrift store for $12.00.

Her hair was messy, although not really tangled.

She had marks all over her.

Her elastic is loose.

Her worst flaw is that she is missing eyelashes on one eye.

She also has this white, chalky substance all over her face and hairline.

So I went to work on her. 

I cleaned her with water and a toothpick, then rubbing alcohol, and the magic eraser

The magic eraser made the most difference, but it did not remove all marks. 

The mark that bugs me the most is a pink dot on her chin.

Here she is after my cleaning efforts:

She looks a lot better. I was even able to rescue one of her pin curls.

The missing eyelashes are pretty noticeable to me, even in pictures, but more so in person.

She's definitely a Mattel Felicity with laser green eyes.

I haven't decided what to do with her, and luckily there is no rush. I am still looking for the perfect wig for thrift store find Miranda.

I really don't care for the laser eyes, even if she had all her eyelashes. Maybe I will try an eye swap at long last. 

There can be no lower stakes project than a $12 thrift store doll, especially when nothing would ever make me replace my original Felicity.

I just hesitate to do anything that could damage a doll. This doll is a mess, but she has been loved, and that does make her special.

My other thrift store find this weekend was four small Wedgwood plates for $4 each. I really am having a streak of ridiculous luck.

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