Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Sublime Six

 The recent release by American Girl of its first six dolls in their original outfits hit me right in the feels.

I have five of those dolls, all but Molly.

I made sure to get the original dresses for each, although I don't always have the accessories.

I was inspired to change my five into their original meet outfits and take a group picture. 

All of these but Addy are the Pleasant Company dolls.

I just think they are beautiful, and they hit me right in the nostalgia feels.

I really used to memorize their catalogs.

So this release makes me very happy.

I don't think I am going to buy any of the re-released dolls myself. Money and space are an issue.

I am just really glad that the dolls are now available for everyone who wants one, everyone who wanted one as a little girl.


  1. Congrats on you for having the tried and true oldies! They look like a million bucks.

    1. Thanks! I have tried to take care of them, and they mean a lot to me.


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