Friday, May 28, 2021

Reading an American Girl Classic

 The American Girl 35th anniversary is making me, and many others, feel nostalgic.

It inspired me to take pictures of my dolls reading the American Girl books together with the mini dolls.

As usual, Molly is not my jam, so she gets left out.

The other original five AG dolls are all represented here.

It's just such a classic moment, I think, a girl reading with a doll next to a tree.

And I am proud of the four glass eyed mini dolls that I own. It's a very intentional small collection, and one that I love. I think they are very cute.

American Girl of Today #6, Anne, reads with Felicity Merriman.

American Girl of Today #2, Meg, reads with Kirsten Larsen.

Girl of the Year Kanani Akina reads with Samantha Parkington.

Girl of the Year Joss Kendrick reads with Addy Walker.

Girl of the Year Jess McConnell reads with Josefina Montoya.


  1. Funny, I'd always pictured Jess being a Josefina type!


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