Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Baby Fever

 I am still sad that I don't have Felicity's baby sister Polly, so I was excited to get the Caring for Baby set.

I like this baby's dark hair and eyes. The plastic body makes it easier to pose than the earlier eight inch AG babies with cloth bodies.

I immediately compared the baby to my Bouncin' Baby from 1991, Rachel.

I expected them to be about the same size, but Rachel was smaller.

This baby is the same size as a small Corolle doll that I have, which is a Corolle Les mini Calins Rose.

They are both eight inches long.

(I am really pleased that I can identify her: keeping the tag all these years paid off!)

Corolle Les mini Calins Rose, AG baby, Bouncing Baby

The AG baby can wear both the Corolle doll's hat and a red dress belonging to the Bouncin' Baby.

I am so proud that I have not lost this dress after 30 years. I was a doll collector from an early age.

AG baby wearing Bouncin' Baby dress

AG baby wearing a hat from Corolle Les mini Calins Rose

The AG baby needs a name. I have not thought of one for her yet.

She is really cute, and I like all of her accessories.

My one quibble is that I wish they had made the Caring for Baby book to look more like a mini book and less like a pamphlet. I would have been very excited to have another mini book to add to my collection.

Here is the baby with the high chair, bowl, applesauce, bottle and spoon.

Here is Joss, feeling a little nervous about changing a diaper.
This includes the diaper mat, wipes, one of two diapers included, and the Caring for Baby pamphlet.

It's quite a big set, and very nice. I hope that AG releases more baby items in the future, as this one has proved to be very popular.


  1. I'd wondered how big those babies were!

    1. Eight inches! BTW, I tried batteries in Rachel, and her mechanisms doesn't work, sadness. I am trying not to beat myself up too badly because I still have her and all her belongings after 30 years.


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