Saturday, May 8, 2021

Mattel Toy Store Visit

 I went to the Mattel Toy Store yesterday!

I haven't been since September, but I was ready to celebrate getting my COVID shot! I am fully vaccinated!

They had a really great selection of AG this time. a Facebook friend said that it sounded like "a treasure hunt with doll stuff" and I love this so much. This is doubly applicable to the MCM Benefit Sale.

I bought maybe too much stuff, but like I said, I was celebrating.

Here's my haul:

Felicity's Beforever undergarments, the violin set, Tenney's guitar, Logan's performance outfit, one of Tenney's outfits, the spaghetti dinner and the boy's Christmas outfit.

I was so excited! 

One of the salesladies came over to help me because I was carrying so much stuff. So kind.

Truly Me dolls in the lilac meet outfit were on sale for $88. 18 inch dolls are rarely discounted there, so that was really cool.

They also had Maryellen, Kit, Josefina and Tenney! This is pretty rare. They usually only have TMs!

These Bitty Babies are posing like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park.

Wellie Wisher stuff

Lots of Barbie and other Mattel brands.

It was a really good visit and cheered me up!

I should go more often. I seem to go about twice a year. This way is better for my wallet, though!

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