Friday, May 14, 2021

Felicity's Wardrobe: Felicity's Traveling Gown

 I rarely put Felicity in her purple gown.

I bought it when it was a limited edition gown called Felicity's Traveling Gown, and I was really annoyed when they turned a limited edition gown into her new meet outfit. I felt like I had been cheated a bit.

Plus, I don't think lavender is Felicity's best color. I do like it as a color, just not on Felicity.

It's a pretty gown, though!

When I put it on her, I was surprised to see the details. I remembered that it had real embroidery on it, not just printed on the fabric. I had forgotten that it had tucks in the bodice.

Anyway, I wanted to put her in a spring dress, and this made a nice change from her pink birthday gown.


  1. Yeah, that annoyed me too that they made a limited edition dress into her meet dress. I mean, it's a beautiful dress, but yeah, I felt jipped too. Regarding the color, I'm going to respectfully disagree that this is Felicity's color, because I love how it looks with her eyes! LOL

    1. I'm glad someone likes the color on her better than I do!


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