Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Classic Summer

 I love all of my dolls. But I feel almost a sense of awe when I handle Felicity and Samantha and the items from their original collection.

They are so beautiful, and I love them so much. I wanted them so much as a child, and I feel so lucky that I own as much as I do.

I am so glad that I was careful as a child not to lose pieces like Felicity's sash and lace cap.

I recently went to sale where I was thrilled to be able to acquire Samantha's doll pram and Felicity's summer hat. So naturally, I needed to do a photo shoot!

Beautiful Lissie
I thought it would be funny to have Samantha pushing mini Samantha in the doll pram. 
In fact, I am displaying the pram this way in case it falls, so that her porcelain doll doesn't fall and break.


I'm including this picture because you can see part of the top of her hat.

Do you have any very favorite American Girl or other doll items? What really makes you go, "Squee?"

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