Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Josefina's Wardrobe: Josefina's Summer Riding Dress and Hat

I bought Josefina's Summer Riding Dress and Hat on sale before they discontinued it. This is poor Josefina's only change of clothes from her meet outfit.

Doll clothes are the focal point of my collection, apart from the dolls, so poor Josefina is neglected in that respect.

This dress has not been my favorite part of Josefina's wardrobe. Orange is not my favorite color, for one thing.

Happily, I like it much more in person. The tiny flowers on the fabric and the tucks and ruffles really do make it stunning in person.

I also just noticed that Josefina's eyebrows have some eyebrow hairs that are out of place, and I love this. It's such a realistic touch. I am not sure if all Josefinas have this, or just the older ones.

Hats are never my favorite part of AG clothes. I feel that this one does not look right on Josefina's head somehow. However, it is nicely made.

I know that the modern beach setting in these pictures does not match Josefina's story at all. She is lucky to get out of the house and have her picture taken, so she just has to put up with it.

Overall, I am really happy with this outfit and I am sure Josefina is happy to have a change of clothes.

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