Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pattern Review: Requiem Art Designs Wa-Loli 14 Inch Doll Dress

This pattern is from a designer I had not heard of before. That designer is Requiem Art Designs.

The designer has lots of really cool patterns. I think I had not heard of her because most of her patterns are for sizes that I do not sew for often.

However, the patterns are cool enough to tempt me to sew for these sizes!
There are so many lovely designs. Her etsy shop is serious eye candy. I want to sew them all.

She just started designing patterns for 14 inch dolls. I made her Wa-Loli dress for 14 inch dolls.

 I had not hear of Wa-Loli style before, although I was familiar with the Lolita style.

Wa-Loli combines traditional Japanese clothing with the ruffle-y Lolita style.
It's so cute!

This pattern should fit most 14 inch dolls, including Wellie Wishers and Maru and Friends Mini Pals. I don't own any Wellie Wishers, and Consuelo was happy to model something new!

I learned about this pattern from Nethilia of American Girl Outsider. You can see the stunning dress that she made for her Wellie Wisher on her blog.

The pattern includes written instructions on how to sew the dress. It does not include any illustrations.
You do need a certain level of experience to sew this.

This is a really cute dress, and a great pattern, and I am very happy with it!

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